Virtual secretary in Barcelona

If, in addition to your registered social, fiscal and commercial address in Barcelona, ​​you need a telephone line and call reception, this is your service.

We will assign your company a personal numbering and we will attend and manage all your calls by our own multilingual staff, as well as your visits, as if it were your secretary.

You will also have access to fully equipped meeting rooms and offices whenever you want.

Save on costs and gain in efficiency and professional

Why your Virtual Secretary at ÀTIC Barcelona?

  • Service registration in less than 48 hours.
  • You will save on personnel expenses, since we cover a 24-hour schedule, if you need it.
  • With us you don’t have a minimum stay. You can hire the service for long periods, seasons or even days.
  • Your image will look more professional with your clients, causing a direct increase in sales.
  • Our specialized team will take care of your calls, they will be able to answer simultaneously, without missing any.

Services included with your Virtual Secretary in Barcelona

We will receive your correspondence and faxes, forwarding them immediately to your e-mail. In addition to having a professional address in an unbeatable area of ​​Barcelona, ​​you will have the additional services you need. You can use our meeting rooms and training room at any time, equipped with the latest technology. You will also have access to the terraces and common areas of all our group centers.

With personalized reception of your visits if you have them, and a waiting area, attended by our multilingual staff.

Always with the utmost discretion and professionalism; Your client will not distinguish between if you have a physical office in the center, or if you are a virtual client, that is our function!

What makes us different?


Be part of our community. Use and work in our Business areas in a comfortable and flexible way, in any of our three centers located in Barcelona and the Maresme, according to your needs.

Well-being of the users

The project has pursuit from its origin to obtain the maximum welfare for users based on the IWBI principles (International WELL Building Institute)

Privileged Location

In the heart of Barcelona's Eixample, next to the best restaurants, hotels, shops and services. Next to the University of Barcelona in Plaza Universitat and the Ramon Llul Faculty of Philosophy and a few minutes walk from Paseo de Gracia and Plaza Catalunya.

Be Unique

2,400 m2 space, with its own personality, that will surprise you! An urban Oasis in the middle of the city ...
The latest technology, high-quality furniture and careful distribution of the spaces, oriented towards excellence.
Make a difference and be unique!

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Why your Virtual Secretary at ÀTIC Barcelona?

When a person starts a business, they don’t do so thinking about the comforts that their work environment is going to have, nor the administrative procedures that they will require, nor the receipt of administrative notifications that they will need to receive or the company’s mail when he is away doing business. Your main goal is to build a profitable business. But beyond its objective, there are endless tasks that will generate too much work for the entrepreneur and that should be outsourced to focus solely and exclusively on the growth of their business, that is why having a Business Center offers the flexibility to contract services and comforts that the business needs, when it needs them and to grow progressively, stable and safely.

The great advantage of this option is that, for a small price per month, wherever you are, your business will be attended and visible, giving a professional image, since you can maintain your presence in a central location, without having to rent a physical space real in that direction.

They will receive your mail, parcels, notifications and will attend to your telephone calls if you so need, avoiding having notifications of emails that you have not been able to attend to because you are out of your home and having to pick up the following days. Another plus that is added to these conditions is the possibility of having other spaces available such as meeting and training rooms, an office area and even a terrace.

It is also a very beneficial option for those professionals who work on their own and who live far from commercial hubs, without losing contact with their clients or presence in their market. This provides an extra freedom and flexibility that is perceived in a very positive way and has a direct impact on the potential development of the business, in addition to disconnecting your home address from the company.

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